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We are developing several sites and Android apps at this time, FULL TIME - full steam ahead.

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Details on any given project's status is below.     NOW AVAILABLE - development screenshots


We're excited about 2017 and the upcoming roll out of several interactives. Join us for the journey!
    NOW AVAILABLE - development screenshots

You can see what we're doing, we're not shy.

1A) 99% done with structure for version 1.0: - then, content will take a while to build up here.
1B) 99% done with structure for version 1.0: - then, content.    CODING TASKS

2) 35% done with structure for: this Mommatown.COM parent site     CODING TASKS working here today
3) 50% done with structure for: Android App - word education game app     CODING TASKS
4) 20% done with structure for: Wolf adventure app - a story Android app
5) 40% done with structure for: WeSchool homeschool buy n sell forum     CODING TASKS & working here
6) 0% done with structure for: Family writing / poetry / art share site     

7) 30% done with structure for: Word Press "How to" and template-sale site     CODING TASKS & working here
8) 10% done with structure for: Mommatown.NET developer site     
9) 70% done with structure for: - Dino model data site & working here
10) 10% done with structure for: Art Supplies sale site     
11) 10% done with structure for: How-to-code site, helping kids become coders
12) 20% done with structure for: & working here community is a network of sites dedicated to making a child-safe educational network where children can peruse and learn without leaving the Mommatown site family. Log in to one site, and you are logged in to all sites. When logged in, participate in educational games, contests, and buy and sell your educational books, items and crafts in a safe place. is our development hub of standalone web sites that cover products we ourselves are passionate about, offered to the public at large.
     Because our sites are 100% custom built, we can implement any FEATURE REQUEST a member might want, making our sites super responsive to the needs of our Mommatown Educational and Homeschool Community or anyone with a suggestion we love. We hope to have many custom sites at the end of two years, providing services, providing products, and building a community that grows, that Mommatown can nurture.


We are a grand total team of two awesome chicks, one fun dude and a puppet or two.
2 out of 3 of us hail from Washington state. Therefore this site design gives homage to where it all began for us.
The Mommatown team is now located in Jacksonville, FL. We followed the sunrise, it led us here.

Wait! you say, only 3 developers? You would be surprised how many major projects we have worked on in the past which implemented just ONE good developer to produce new content, code, market social media, run SEO, and to manage tech help for the entire project. We have THREE. We are going to rock this.      twitter   &   facebook