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Mommatown provides some freebies to assist your new web project.

A great custom tool you may want to use is a Site Planner, which is a web page hosted by Mommatown, where project notes are stored. This keeps everyone informed. This page would be password protected. Click here to see an unlocked Site Planner sample page.

A 100% from scratch mockup design (not some wanky template) is also offered free. We will send you a jpg design mockup image, made to your specifications. It takes the fear out of the equation. We'll tweak it too, as you like. Once the design is approved, programming work can begin. You never pay for this initial design, whether it took 5 hours or 15 to create. We know of no other web company that offers this!

    We are full time programmers, and in high demand, picky about our clients, and very happy. Are you a previous client and want to inquire? Feel free to, we love to help previous clients! Are you new? Welcome!

Site Creation Examples —
We can do Flash animated banners and ads.

Revamps, Management, & Social Media —

Social Media Marketing

Site Design Feedback
  • Sally darling you rock!! You really are that good! Very cool site idea and execution ! I am so excited I don't know where to start to load it up. So much potential.. Can't believe the job you did with pictures !! Big Thanks to You !!

  • As we say over it the site looks the "bollocks" ...brilliant , fantastic.

  • It has been such a great experience working with you... You are so observant and a quick learner, I wish we could clone you! Please feel free to use me as a future reference and I wish you continued success in the future.

  • Thank you SO much for all of your hard work on the migration project. You were such a contribution and it has been a true pleasure! I don't know how we would have managed without you!

  • You ar a superstar! Just wanted to say that you rock! You are so thorough, ask insightful questions, and really care about doing a great job! You are fabulous at what you do and I am so honored to be working with you! I had to share with you today :) Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  • When I hired you from the multi hundred resumes I got---it was down to you and a guy from Manilla, Suffice to say---I made the right choice! You do very good work in a thoughtful manner! Excellent job!

  • Vincent's site looks great! You really are creative! He really likes it too.

  • I've dealt with my share of programmers over the last 10 years and you are far and away the most talented and easy to work with.... I know I am biased but I love the site.

  • You have a happy customer; an extremely happy customer!

  • Thanks Sally ~ all the new 'stuff' is wonderful and we are ever so thankful!! love ya,

  • *laughing* My nickname for ya is catching on and I didn't even tell anyone! GO SUPER SALLY!!!

  • You amaze me, I email you and you are right there!

  • Sally, it looks fantastic! I will get payment off to you immediately. Would you prefer I mail a check? ... just let me know. Thanks again!!!

  • Overall I think it looks very nice, you certainly possess a great talent.

  • You have done an outstanding job Sally. You are very talented.

  • I can't tell you how happy I am with your work! Thank you so much!

  • ..To date I have 19 new clients and 22 consultations and inquiries...I'm sending you somewhere sunny some day.. Thank you soo much! (after 1.5 weeks of social media marketing.)
Site Design, SEO and Marketing Services
Building a web site is like building a house. A small house can be very complex and costly. A large house can be simple and relatively easy to build. It all depends on the custom features.

The best way to begin, is to contact us and tell us what web features you need. One other note, is that for sites we create, we always give the customer at least one free mock-up design of the home page. If you do not like the design, and we both agree to try again, we'll give you one more free mock-up and you still pay nothing. It takes the fear out of the process for you.

All jobs are custom quoted for you. These are services we offer:
  • Domain purchase If you don't know how to buy a domain, we'll be happy to buy it for you. We do not charge extra to help you - you will simply pay the price of the domain.
  • Site creation We can create a dynamic site in which the content changes for every user, such as a membership system, an animated Flash website, a more static brochure website, a product-driven site, or anything inbetween. No job is too large or too small. Creation is the fun part of web design. Tell us your idea, and we'll join in the excitement of making your plans a reality.
  • SEO "optimization" is a regular part of site creation and included in the project cost. A project built right, from the ground up, will allow Google and other search engines to index key words on your site easily. A site built with SEO principles in mind, is that much farther ahead in the game.
  • SEO "marketing" includes creating backlinks to your own site, creating sister sites to generate on-going backlinks, and other white-hat methods to make search engines rank your site high in search results for the product you sell.
  • Social Media Marketing targeted marketing directly to people who either reside in your area, or display interest in your products, is a very valuable marketing tool. Social Media makes this kind of marketing snowball, for as you connect to one potential client, your company information is shared to their friends, without additional effort.
  • Hosting you can host your site on any server you like, but we'll recommend our favorite host, if you need some advice. Some servers are easier to work with, and easier to code for, than others. "Ease" means time savings which translates to money savings. Some servers have great customer service and some do not. Working with many servers over many years, we have a true favorite. Just ask and we'll tell you who it is!
  • Flash work is quoted as a flat per-project (entire site) or per-piece (ad or small piece) fee.
  • Handheld optimization Your site can either be coded with XHTML, which is a version of HTML that is hand-held friendly, so that whether the visitor is using their computer or phone, the site will look correct, or you can have your site set up so that visitors with computers see one version of site content, and visitors accessing your site using a handheld device see alternate site content tailored just for them.
  • Process credit cards via Paypal or Payment Gateway on your site. Trying to decide whether to use Paypal type credit card processing or to use a regular credit card processor? Ask us and we can explain the benefits of both.

  • Advice is always free. Contact us using any means provided below, and we can answer your questions and get you going in the right direction, even if you choose not to use our services!

Call us at:
cell 1: 310-748-2364
or cell 2: 520-395-6966
Skype: sallylancaster1
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DHTML (html, javascript and jquery bundled)
XHTML (html optimized for handheld devices)

Photoshop - Web design mockups, photo retouching, animated imagery...

Flash - Design, animation

Illustrator - Vector art

Blender - 3D modeling

Acrobat Full - PDF manipulation

Dreamweaver - exclusively hand-coded custom code, we use this for its checkout and integrated ftp

FileZilla - ftp
SmartFTP - ftp
CuteFTP - ftp

InDesign - Print layout

GoldWave - Audio editing

Photo Widgets
Social Media Widgets
News Widgets

Widgets are third party snippets of code that are fairly customizeable. Since they are already created by others, they cost little to implement.